Geografia em "alto relevo"

Érico Anderson de Oliveira, Rosália Caldas Sanábio


The high relief maps construction aims to facilitate the space perception where geografic facts take place. The space perception mainly in the first series, is hamperede due to the student´s immaturity, who end up working with "coloured pieces of paper" which present a lot of facts generalization. Thus, the high relief maps construction, besides that advantage, provides the integration of several school activities when executed by students. The integration can be carried out among Mathemathics (graphics), Artistic Education (manual abilities and finishing), Topography (curves interpretation), Hidrography (rivers and hidrographic basins outlines), Climatology (air masses behaviour due to relief), space ocupation, geographic facts locations and others. In short, the various areas of knowledge helps to accomplish a better understanding of the whole: the relationship of Mankind with space Geography final aim.

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ISSN Impresso: 1414 - 5057

ISSN Eletrônico: 2317 - 7756