Proposta de desenvolvimento de um Sistema Integrado de Gerenciamento de Manutenção

Juarez Marques de Lacerda, Pyramo Pires da Costa Júnior, Luiz Danilo Barbosa Terra


In this paper, the authors present the basis for the development of a system suitable for industrial maintenance. The main focus is to build it as modular as possible aiming future enhancements such as expert system for fault diagnosys. With such a system it is possible to acess existing and future data basis, as well as three expert systems for the electrical, eletronic and mechanical areas. Each expert system will be a sub system linked to an special area, providing monitoring and reports for the faults and the equipments involved. Additionaly, maintenance resources and planning can be managed by the system. The steps for the development of one of the three expert systems, for eletronics, are described as well.

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ISSN Impresso: 1414 - 5057

ISSN Eletrônico: 2317 - 7756